As of end of 2019, around 1.300 photos have been selected and published in Life and Territories, involving 377 photographers from all over the world. 
Special congrats to these photographers who have succeeded in publishing an impressive number of high quality images: 
Daniel Laan (50 photos incl. 3 series)
Szabo Zsolt Andras (44 photos incl. 2 series)
Peter Svoboda (38 photos incl. 5 series).

Thing in the Snow by Daniel Laan
Autumn Ice by Szabo Zsolt Andras
Persistent by Peter Svoboda

and to the following photographers: Alex Noriega (36 photos), Gheorghe Popa (33 photos), Cole Thompson (24 photos), Ovidiu Lazar (23 photos), Ales Krivec (21 photos), Swapnil Deshpande (21 photos), Andrew George (19 photos).

Congrats as well to these 12 photographers awarded in Photo of the Month category: 
Pal Hermansen⁠ 
Ovidiu Lazar⁠ 
David Durst⁠ 
Romain Tornay⁠ 
Fred Bucheton⁠ 
Szabo Zsolt Andras⁠  
Fernando Piçarra⁠ 
Jean Discours⁠ 
Max Foster⁠ 
Heike Odermatt⁠ 
Daniel Mirlea ⁠ 
Maxime Daviron ⁠ 

And for Life: 
Prelena Soma Owen 
Lucie Bressy 
Roberto Marchegiani
George Wheelhouse 
Bastien Riu
Arnfinn Johansen
David Gallan
Anette Mossbacher
Gil Gautier
Odile Tambou
Florence Dabenoc-Devaux

And for the new Gallery 'Damaged Earth': 
Hans Strand 
Tom Hegen 

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