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Andrew George (1975) is a passionate award winning Dutch nature, wildlife & travel photographer. Andrew likes to travel, but the most beautiful and surprising wildlife and nature he often finds close to home (Eindhoven, The Netherlands). His first love Iceland is still visited on a regularly basis. In nature he escapes from the busy daily life we live in and gets inspired by nature. Andrew likes to capture the common in an uncommon and artistic way. He likes to evoke the element of surprise.

All his photos are taken with respect for nature and wildlife with a great deal of passion and “natural inspiration”.

Nowadays he also leads photo tours to Iceland and nearby places and in the near future even more different places.

Andrew’s photos received many (inter)national photography awards @ National Geographic, BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Glanzlichter, Asferico, Argus, Windland Smith and Rice and many more.


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