Privacy Policy


The rules regarding Data Protection have changed since 25th May in the European area. They must be endorsed by each company in order to better protect people in the matter of personal data storage and utilisation.

Terra Quantum is engaged in the protection and security of the data related to the photographers. You are kindly requested to look at the rules adopted by Terra Quantum. It ensures that your data is used following the strict rules.

In a nutshell:

  • Data collected is only used for the correct working of the site. The perimeter of the data is strictly delimited to the normal functioning of the site, mainly photo publications and comments.
  • Terra Quantum does not transfer or give mail addresses of its users to any commercial company.
  • Our data protection officer is Olivier Kautz, registered under the reference DPO - 14604. He can be reached at admin[@]


Terra Quantum is an online gallery of photographs. It gathers images that are related to Landscapes in a general sense, encompassing images connected to our natural world.
It allows photographers for presenting their images and sharing their knowledge and experience about photography. This can be achieved by publishing photographs, writing comments and analysis about their own images or about the images of the other photographers.
Terra Quantum is not a base where photographs can be saved and stored. It is your responsibility to ensure that your images are saved with your own means and materials.

Specific features of Terra Quantum for 2017

As Terra Quantum is a new site, its service is free of charge for the users for the year 2017. This means that users can create an account and submit their pictures without payment until 31 December 2017. Once this period expired, users will have to choose between:

  1. maintaining a free account but with limited functionalities and limited possibilities to submit additional pictures,
  2. creating a new account with monthly or annual fees or:
  3. proceed to the termination of the contract.

Maintenance and Disruption of the Service

Terra Quantum Site may be interrupted due to a malfunction, or for maintenance or repairing necessity. In order to improve the Site or to repair any dysfunction, Terra Quantum reserves the right to modify, interrupt the Site or remove some contents at any time at its sole discretion and without prior notice.


Submitting an image or writing a comment or an analysis is restricted to the users. Anyone is allowed to register provided they do not breach the present rules.
Only one account is permitted per photographer.
Create an account simply requires a user name and a password. You are not allowed to choose a user name that already exists or a user name that would not be authorized by the law or a user name that would be offensive to anyone or unlawful.
Only individuals can register, not companies, agent or galleries.

Use of collected information

Collected information is limited to the name of the users, their email and the images they have posted. This information is used by Terra Quantum for the sole purpose of operating this service. It will not be communicated to anyone without explicit authorization of the user.  
Travel information is information written by the photographers related to the images they have posted. They aim at better know the photographed area. They are written on the sole responsibility of the photographer and cannot be checked by Terra Quantum Team. So should you use these information for your travel, please carefully check it with travel agencies, travel guides, local authorities or any other reliable source in order your travel be safe and pleasant.

Photographs protection

Terra Quantum respects the intellectual property of the users. This means that we will not communicate your photographs to anyone without your explicit authorization.
However, it should be kept in mind that it is always possible for someone to make a screen shot.  
By submitting your photographs, you grant Terra Quantum a world wide and non exclusive license to display these photographs on the Site.
You accept that your photographers may be comment by the others.
You certify that you are the owner of rights of the images you submit on the Site.

User behaviour

You are responsible of the content you post on Terra Quantum. It is forbidden to use Terra Quantum for unlawful, offensive, pornographic or threatening purposes. Comments or analysis have always to be respectful.
Terra Quantum aims at sharing photography and the wonders of our world. By using the site, you agree to respect these values. Political, religious, sexual messages have no place on Terra Quantum.
Any breach of these rules can lead to the termination of your contract.
Should you note any message or image that is not in line with Terra Quantum’s values, we would thank you to send us an email at:


Termination may occur by Terra Quantum for any reason and without prior notice and without liability.

Modification of the Terms

The present Terms may be modified by Terra Quantum at any moment. When modifications are deemed by Terra Quantum to be significant, users will be notified.