Selection of September 2023: Dream of Rain by Alex Noriega

Dream of Rain by Alex Noriega

I didn't have much time to try many variations, so I wanted to shoot as wide as possible so that I could find a proper crop and orientation later. The plant is a flower, but the photograph is actually comprised of only the leaves at the base.... read more.

Selection of August 2023: Solitude by Huibo Hou

Solitude by Huibo Hou

This image holds a special place for me as a landscape photographer. It is from a trip that left a profound impact for two reasons. First, it made me realize that making a compelling image almost always starts with forming a strong connection with the landscape. Secondly, during this trip, I found myself gravitating towards the style of simplicity... read more.

Selection of July 2023: Bridalveil Fall Winter Into Spring by Charlotte Gibb

Bridalveil Fall Winter Into Spring by Charlotte Gibb

"...Then, a cloud of misty fog, a spontaneous gift of cold, damp mornings in the park, rolled in swiftly, leaving me with only a moment to select my composition. Moving quickly, I decided to create a balanced composition, centering the waterfall in the frame to accentuate the peaceful, meditative feeling of the moment and employed a long exposure to blur the cascade. The fog lingered only a few minutes, then evaporated..." read more.

Talk #13: Artificial Intelligence Revolution

Artificial Intelligence is happening, whether we like it or not. Industrial Revolution in the 18th and 19th century brought fears, a range of social issues and eventually, unrest. Similarly, but well over 200 years later, AI brings anxiety and insecurity. It is unavoidable that AI will affect negatively many people in multiple industries. Unlike our predecessors, we are not going to arm ourselves with guns and pikes and march against the machines. There is however the need to scrutinise the development of AI and analyse how it affects our lives. read more.

Selection of June 2023: Blue Horizon by Isabelle Bacher

Blue Horizon by Isabelle Bacher

It fascinates me to visualize the architecture and forms that nature has created from the Ice Age to our time. The intent of my photographic work from the Arctic is to show the amazing, beautiful and powerful forces that have created the magnificent nature of the Arctic. Light is the main subject... read more.