Selection of January 2018: Arashiyama by Sandra Herber

Arashiyama by Sandra Herber

This image happened almost by accident. I went to the famous bamboo grove at Arashiyama to see the peaceful avenues of bamboo and to photograph them – only to find they were jam-packed with people. Not a few people, hundreds and hundreds of people. And they kept coming all day long. Even a long exposure image didn’t erase all the people from the scene. read more.

An Interview with Andrew George by Beata Moore

Andrew George was born in Nijmegen, the Netherlands and as a child, he was fascinated by photography of his father. Later in life he became captivated by nature and landscapes. Driven by the need to capture all the surrounding beauty, he gained all the technical knowledge as well as experience and developed into a versatile photographer. Creative freedom is important to him, his images are characterised by stillness and sometimes almost a surreal feel. read more.

Selection of December 2017: Atchafalaya River by Roberto Marchegiani

Atchafalaya River by Roberto Marchegiani

For December's choice, we fell under the charm of this image taken by Roberto Marchegiani. Frame, mood and colour are perfectly managed. read more.

Selection of November 2017: The winds of Aegean Sea by Alexandros Moustris

The winds of Aegean Sea by Alexandros Moustris

In the Aegan Sea (Greece), this masterful and dramatic capture of the power of the natural elements has been selected as November's photo. read more.

An Interview with Mieke Boynton by Beata Moore

Mieke Boynton is the landscape photographer from Broome, Western Australia. She travels regularly, both within Australia and overseas, to capture the wonder and beauty of nature's landscapes. She favours the epic landscapes of Kimberley region where she lives since 2008. Her goal is to convey a little of the awe that she feels for the vast, timeless beauty of her local area. In 2014, she was one of 26 photographers worldwide invited by the Indonesian Government to experience ‘International Photography Week’ at various locations around the country. She is a multiple gold, silver and bronze winner in FIAP, PSA, GPU, FPC, NFF, WAPF and many other international competitions. Mieke has won and been nominated for countless awards and accolades over the last four years, but rates her latest nomination, as one of 25 finalists in The Kennedy Prize Art Award, as one of her most significant. read more.