Selection of June 2022: Reflection by Tania Malkin

Reflection by Tania Malkin

The Image “Reflections” was Taken in the Remote areas of Northern Australia. It is an aerial image taken from a r44 helicopter. I have Photographed this location many times, however every time is different... read more.

An Interview with Alessandro Carboni by Beata Moore

Alessandro Carboni is a landscape and nature photographer. His photographs have been awarded in the prestigious international nature photography competitions, such as the Wildlife Photographer of the Year. He was born in Sardinia, grew up and still lives there ... read more.

Selection of May 2022: Luminous Lands by Alex Noriega

Luminous Lands by Alex Noriega

This photo was not the result of specific research, but rather of spending lots of time in one of my favorite places in southern Utah, USA, which is full of these badlands... read more.

Selection of April 2022: untitled - Gheorghe Popa

by Gheorghe Popa

I took this photo in January near my city in Vânători Neam Natural Park. At that time I was looking for certain compositions made with the drone at sunset... read more.

Talk # 9 What Makes Us Shine by Beata Moore

Ocean Fury by Romain Tornay

Photography can be a wonderful form of self-expression. Not only it allows to express ourselves, but also uplifts our mood and reduces stress. So, what is so special about photography that so many of us cherish? read more.