Selection of February 2023: The three fishermen by Brigitte Bourger

The three fishermen by Brigitte Bourger

Having the vision of the message that we want to convey to the viewer is a challenge for the photographer; giving him the opportunity to put himself in his place, to feel the same emotions is the ultimate goal. And this is what makes the difference between the photographs. I am particularly attached to the intention and to the freedom of interpretation which then gives all its meaning to the final result. read more.

Talk #12 In Praise of Prints

Kelp by Raico Rosenberg

The digital world has revolutionised how photographers take, process and view their images. Fascinated by endless ways of editing and sharing on social media, many photographers almost forgotten about the beauty and power of printing. It is a shame, as prints are permanent, they can easily be shown to others, they don’t need electricity, and most importantly, they represent colours, tones and all other characteristics of the images, as the photographer wishes them to be seen... read more.

Selection of January 2023: Watermountain by Julia Redl

Watermountain by Julia Redl

The rocks plunged steeply up to 220 m into the depth. Because of the strong wind, it was almost impossible to get to the edge of the cliff, and I could only see the birds as small black dots through the telephoto lens. While lying down and looking into the depth, I then noticed the white crests of the waves running out on the black beach. At that moment I also had my subject... read more.

An Interview with Huibo Hou by Beata Moore

Witch's Finger #1 by Huibo Hou

Huibo Hou is a landscape photographer based in San Diego, California. Her interest in photography started back in 1999 and rekindled in 2015. Huibo is passionate about landscape photography, especially in black and white. Her work has been published in Lenswork Magazine and Black and White Magazine. Huibo shoots mainly in her local area of San Diego, California, USA. Some of her past awards include: Monochrome Discovery of the Year; 1st place in Landscape (Amateur category); Landscape Discovery of the Year in Monochrome Awards International Black and White Photography Contest 2019; 2nd place in Landscape (Amateur category) in Monochrome Awards International Black and White Photography Contest 2018; and Commended in Open, Landscape & Nature category in Sony World Photography Awards 2018. read more.

Selection of December 2022: Feathers Land by Nicole Barge

Feathers Land by Nicole Barge 2

Coming back from a sugar shack in late winter 2016, the road, at the top of a steep coast, revealed a hilly landscape covered with mixed forest. The dark arrows of the softwood trees... read more.