Selection of June 2020: Ethereal Country by Matthieu Krieger

Ethereal Country by Matthieu Krieger

A fantastic atmosphere that has been caught by Matthieu after many attempts, illustrating how perseverance is important in photography. read more.

Talk #2 Somewhere Else

The way by Nathalie Houdin

In recent years, landscape and nature photography has become very popular, so much so that it started to impact the welfare of our planet. We share our photographs and vision on social media and indirectly encourage people to travel to pristine locations. Natural beauty inspires us all, not only photographers, so it would be naïve to think that if photographers stop taking pictures, the gigantic travel industry would collapse and environmental preservation would bloom. read more.

Selection of May 2020: Moonlight sonata by Aleš Krivec

Moonlight sonata by Aleš Krivec

“ A long exposure shot that brings a magical atmosphere, due to the changing light as Ales explains in his text. The palette, entirely based around ochre color, gives subtle and unusual shades for a nocturnal scene.” read more.

Talk #1 Sea Fever

Photographic excellence is Terra Quantum’s passion and the Earth, our interest. After four years in existence (how time has flown by) we would like to start a conversation about what matters to us, photography and our planet. read more.

An Interview with Daniel Mirlea by Beata Moore

Gloomy by Daniel Mîrlea

Daniel Mîrlea is a Romanian landscape and nature photographer passionate about discovering new places. Daniel’s photographic adventure started at the end of 2015 with a hike in Cozia National Park in Romania, where he was photographing the Făgăraș Mountains. Two years later, he quit his job as a manager, to do nature photography. For him, photography is not just taking photos, it is a way of life. Daniel says that nature is his home, and through photography, he is trying to show other people how beautiful and vital to our lives it is. He believes that everything in nature is connected, and we, as nature photographers, have a mission when we are in the field: to protect the environment and to take with us just the memories of that moment and the photograph itself. Daniel firmly believes that through photography, we can help nature's conservation. Because of this, he is collaborating with conservation and nature protecting NGOs, like WWF Romania, Rewilding Europe, and Conservation Carpathia. Since January 2020, he is a vice-president of the Romanian Nature Photography Association called FORONA, and since June 2020, a Community Advocate at Nature First Photography. read more.