Selection of June 2018: Hallerbos by Heike Odermatt

Hallerbos by Heike Odermatt

Here is a magic image. The work around the colors and the evocative poetic force make this photo our choice for Territories this month. read more.

An Interview with Isabella Tabacchi by Beata Moore

Born in 1992 in Carpi, Isabella Tabacchi is a landscape photographer based in the north of Italy. She’s always had a sensibility for natural environments and photography came in her life suddenly; a huge passion exploded in her heart. Isabella’s favourite environment is the mountain, especially the Alps, where she created her most popular images. Isabella’s works were published in online and paper magazines like National Geographic, Daily Mail, Practical Photography ,Digital Photo SLR UK, N-Photo. She won prizes in many international awards like Moscow Foto Awards, Monochrome Awards, Monovisions Awards, Fine Art Photo Awards, Tokyo Foto Awards, ND Awards , Lucie Foundation’s IPA, International Photographer of the Year Awards. Her pictures were published in the Outdoor Photographer of the Year Portfolio II (“The magic of the night” is the cover). Her image “The battle” is among the TOP 50’s in the Epson Pano Awards 2017 and received a Gold award. Isabella is Irix Lens, Haida filters and Fotopro tripods ambassador. read more.

Selection of Mai 2018: Water Cycle by Kevin Meynier

Water cycle by Kevin Meynier

As Kevin explains, this scene evokes a natural hourglass. A very relevant, original and judicious vision from a landscape. read more.

An Interview with Heiko Gerlicher by Beata Moore

Heiko Gerlicher is a self taught landscape and nature photographer born in 1969, living in Ahorn in the District of Coburg, Germany. By profession he is field staff for a special steel wholesale trade. But for a hobby, he shoots photos. In fact, he is a award-winning photographer. Some Gold medals at the prestigious Trierenberg Supercircuit for example and several publications in magazines belong to his successes so far. read more.

Selection of April 2018: Mont Civetta by Stefano Oppioni

Mt. Civetta by Stefano Oppioni

"The most beautiful rocky walls of the Alps" Dino Buzzati wrote about Mt Civetta The talent of Stefano Oppioni magically illustrates this quote and is our selection for April. read more.