Talk # 9 What Makes Us Shine by Beata Moore

Ocean Fury by Romain Tornay

Photography can be a wonderful form of self-expression. Not only it allows to express ourselves, but also uplifts our mood and reduces stress. So, what is so special about photography that so many of us cherish? read more.

Selection of March 2022: Color explosion – Valensole by Lionel Fellay

Color explosion - Valensole by Lionel Fellay

As we had plans for the way back to Switzerland, we decided to do a detour to visit Valensole. We had this place in mind for some time but we only had one sunset and one sunrise opportunity. So we didn't really prepare... read more.

An Interview with Caterina Mrenes by Beata Moore

Caterina is a hobby photographer based in Southern Germany and working as a label manager in the classical music industry. She started playing the piano at 5 and for twenty years that was her profession. In 2002 she received a scholarship at the Music University of Stuttgart, but in 2006 she abruptly decided to give up the profession of piano playing. It took some two and half more years to find her way in a new profession (that of cultural management) which then brought with it what she hadn’t had before in her entire life: free time to use it the way she chooses it. She invested that time in mountaineering with the aim to make photographic documentation of her mountain tours. At some point, photography got the upper hand. It took however some more years till her photographic skills made a substantial leap in quality. read more.

Selection of February 2022: Frozen fields of Deelen by Jeroen Lagerwerf

Frozen fields of Deelen by Jeroen Lagerwerf

The photo was shot on the nature reserve called Deelerwoud, which I visit every so often. The reserve has a nice old oak forest, wildlife observatory and wide heather and grass fields, making it one of my favorite places to go to... read more.

Selection of January 2022: Bridge of Sighs by Daniel Laan

Bridge of Sighs by Daniel Laan

I love that ethereal feeling of high fantasy. As I'm inspired by 19th century paintings, the collectible card-game Magic: The Gathering and media like The Lord of the Rings and A Game of Thrones, I pursue... read more.