Beach Ephemera by Kathleen Pickard

With a very personal style, Kathleen explores the shores of the Great Lakes. A sumptuous series through a real author vision. read more.


For its third birthday, Terra Quantum would like to warmly thank all the photographers who contribute to the development of the site by submitting their photos, adding comments or sharing contents. Thanks to the Jury, the quality of Terra Quantum has reached very high level and will never alter: it is our DNA. Terra Quantum is also grateful to all its team members, and especially: Olivier Kautz who is working hard to improve and develop the site, Beata Moore for the time she spends with the interviews of the photographers (18 interviews as of today!), Benoit Talabot for designing Life and again, the Jury for its constance and regularity. Logically Terra Quantum has been growing fast and many companies invite us to take part in events and buy images. Recently a second platform "Life" has been launched. Photographer Nick Brandt inaugurated this event with several photos of his series "Inherit the Dust", a major and exceptional work about environmental and animal life deterioration. We are working on various new projects; you will find out more very soon. We wish you a great and beautiful 2019. Let's all keep an eye on our planet while photographing! Samuel Feron - Luis Belmar Letelier read more.

William Neill on Terra Quantum!

It is with great pleasure that we announce that William Neill will write regularly for Terra Quantum. As a photographer and writer, he doesn’t really need any introductions, as he has long been an iconic nature photographer and contributor to many photographic magazines. His photographic roots go back to working at The Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite National Park. William has been a resident of the Yosemite National Park area since 1977. In his photographs he conveys the deep, spiritual beauty he sees and feels in Nature. Whether classical landscapes or nature abstracts, his work always reminds us of this deep connection with our planet. Neill’s award-winning photography has been widely published in books and magazines, and his prints have been collected and exhibited in museums and galleries, including the Museum of Fine Art Boston, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, The Vernon Collection, and The Polaroid Collection. Neill’s assignment and published credits include National Geographic, Life, Smithsonian, Natural History, National Wildlife, Conde Nast Traveler and many more. read more.

Game of Raw

A Terra Quantum Innovation At Terra Quantum we believe that photography is neither a simple and faithful representation of reality nor a total transformation of it. The interpretation may be sober or exuberant, simple or complex. But an individual creation has no limit because it comes from our own vision and personality. How better to show the talent of the photographers of Terra Quantum than to give them the opportunity to exercise their art on a rough image? This image will be the same for everyone.For… read more.

A view of "Graphical Winter Storm" of Zsolt Kiss, written by Beata Moore

" I found myself drawn to this image not because of its light, but its rather bleak but nevertheless fascinating mood. One glance and the photograph connected me immediately with the subject of a severe winter in a pristine location. The place is completely detached of human element increasing the feel of the severity of winter. The trees in the foreground, covered by snow and battered by freezing wind convey a feeling of dynamic tension. The choice of placement of all trees in the panoramic frame is… read more.