Selection of November 2020: Golden Feathers by Gheorghe Popa

Golden feathers by Gheorghe Popa

The terrific beauty of a disaster… Gheorghe has succeeded in giving a strong message through a fantastic image read more.

Selection of October 2020: While We Sleep by Maxime Daviron

While We Sleep by Maxime Daviron

Maxime worked on the perspective and the successive layers that surround the main point of the scene. It is demonstrated here that the strength of the scene can be perfectly conveyed with subtle and delicate tones. The result is impeccable. read more.

Selection of September 2020: Old Friends... by Caterina Mrenes

Old Friends by Caterina Mrenes

A beautiful and moving journey into memories of childhood… this so aesthetic image comes along with a great text read more.

Selection of August 2020: Prologue by Hirotaka Shindo

Prologue by Hirotaka Shindo

A peaceful and meditative atmosphere along with an uncompromising composition and a delicate graphism. read more.

Selection of July 2020: Flow III by Lionel Fellay

Flow III by Lionel Fellay

Spectacular image by Lionel who has succeeded to overcome difficult photographic conditions. The result is splendid read more.