Selection of January 2024: Shakingtree © by Julia Redl

Shakingtree by Julia Redl

While looking at the rushing river in the gorge, I noticed the small branch, which surprisingly had not been swept away by the current. It is typical of my photography that my compositions are very intuitive. I catch sight of something and then I try to arrange an image from it... read more.

Selection of December 2023: untitled by Fred Bucheton

by Fred Bucheton

My first intent was to transcribe the subtle palette of tones covered by the trees during this season. The light fog of this humid day reduced the contrast of the image, thus contributing to a certain softness in the rendering. Although the colors of the trees were pleasant, I wanted to highlight the diversity of shapes of this forest seen from above by... read more.

Selection of November 2023: Below the peaks of Patagonia by Peter Svoboda

Below the peaks of Patagonia by Peter Svoboda

I have decided to take this image as a single long exposure shot using an ND filter. I was so lucky to see the great light illuminating just the Cuernos Towers. In this short-lasting moment, the clouds passing behind and over the towers were not illuminated by the sun, which created a special mood, hand in hand with LE motion blur in the sky, as well as in the water. The forest of dead trees behind the river Serrano was full of interesting trunks... read more.

Selection of October 2023: Early winter by Gheorghe Popa

Early winter by Gheorghe Popa

We have barely had any snow at the end of November in recent years. When it happens to snow at that time, a true colour feast is created. The snow vividly brings out the autumn colour palette of the forest. This year I was prepared for snow. read more.

Selection of September 2023: Dream of Rain by Alex Noriega

Dream of Rain by Alex Noriega

I didn't have much time to try many variations, so I wanted to shoot as wide as possible so that I could find a proper crop and orientation later. The plant is a flower, but the photograph is actually comprised of only the leaves at the base.... read more.