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In 2019, according to the not-for-profit organization Global Footprint Network, humanity has exhausted the yearly budget of Nature on July, the 29th. This date is called the Earth Overshoot Day. Therefore, after this day, we draw down the natural resources and accumulate carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Alternatively speaking, it means that our current consumption is equivalent to 1,7 Earth planets.

Terra Quantum opens a new photographic gallery dedicated to this issue. Keeping our photographic excellence requirement, we will display the work of some photographers who act as the witnesses of Earth destruction and its possible future consequences. May their images have a salutary effect on all of us.

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The Coal Mine by Tom Hegen

This series displays the consequences of the coal extraction. With an impeccable sense of composition, Tom allows to see the damaging impact with a different eye.

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Color of Poison by Hans Strand

Among an impressive collection of photographs and works, Hans Strand has focused on human activities' impact on our planet and has created a shocking series of images on Rio Tinto, one of the most polluted rivers. As always, his work is of highest photographic quality, and it needs to be seen and pondered on.

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Poisoned Beauty by Gheorghe Popa

In 1977, over 400 families living in Geamana village were evacuated so that this place would be turned into a tailings pond for the waste generated by the copper mine. One of the largest gold and copper ores in Europe and the largest copper ore in Romania is located at Roșia Poieni.

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