Selection of February 2021: Rainbow Mist by Guillaume Bily

Rainbow mist by Guillaume Bily

“incredible pattern of shapes along with a mystic atmosphere” read more.

Selection of January 2021: Nautilus by Alex Noriega

Nautilus by Alex Noriega

An example of how the eye of a photographer makes an impact and how it allows for a surprising and attractive picture read more.

Selection of December 2020: IL bosco incantato by Basileo Stanislao

IL bosco incantato by Basileo Stanislao

“The surreal atmosphere that emerges from this cold morning is perfectly achieved, with these kinds of white ghosts lying under vegetal sheets. We especially love the contrast between the blue coldness in the foreground and the slightly warmed background.” read more.

Selection of November 2020: Golden Feathers by Gheorghe Popa

Golden feathers by Gheorghe Popa

The terrific beauty of a disaster… Gheorghe has succeeded in giving a strong message through a fantastic image read more.

Selection of October 2020: While We Sleep by Maxime Daviron

While We Sleep by Maxime Daviron

Maxime worked on the perspective and the successive layers that surround the main point of the scene. It is demonstrated here that the strength of the scene can be perfectly conveyed with subtle and delicate tones. The result is impeccable. read more.