Selection of January 2019: Color Palette of Ice by Pal Hermansen

Color palette of ice by Pål Hermansen

A colorful and astonishing abstract picture by Pal Hermansen who was able to capture the light effect in very special conditions. read more.

Discover the 2018 monthly awarded images

Each month, Terra Quantum selects an image that particularly draws our attention due to a specific feature. It may be the composition, the color, the originality, or anything that reveals a deep and original author vision. Let's admire the 2018 selection. read more.

Selection of December 2018: Toscany by Isabelle Bacher

Toscany by Isabelle Bacher

Terra Quantum has been enchanted with this picture of Isabelle Bacher taken in Italy. Beyond the composition which is perfectly mastered, we have loved the contrast between the curves and the straight lines of the trees, the roundness vs. the sharpness. The texture is not left behind either and the colour palette is just magical. read more.

Selection of November 2018: Iced Bubbles by Romain Tornay

Iced Bubbles by Romain Tornay

The nature sometimes offers intriguing pieces of arts as this one, perfectly taken by Romain. So well seen! read more.

Selection of October 2018: Stormy winds over the Torres del Paine by Peter Svoboda

Stormy winds over the Torres del Paine by Peter Svoboda

Sumptuous and surreal atmosphere for that selection of the Month. A perfect control of the shutter speed as well, so that the motion of the water greatly echoes the clouds. And this blue... is magic. read more.