For its third birthday, Terra Quantum would like to warmly thank all the photographers who contribute to the development of the site by submitting their photos, adding comments or sharing contents. Thanks to the Jury, the quality of Terra Quantum has reached very high level and will never alter: it is our DNA. Terra Quantum is also grateful to all its team members, and especially: Olivier Kautz who is working hard to improve and develop the site, Beata Moore for the time she spends with the interviews of the photographers (18 interviews as of today!), Benoit Talabot for designing Life and again, the Jury for its constance and regularity. Logically Terra Quantum has been growing fast and many companies invite us to take part in events and buy images. Recently a second platform "Life" has been launched. Photographer Nick Brandt inaugurated this event with several photos of his series "Inherit the Dust", a major and exceptional work about environmental and animal life deterioration. We are working on various new projects; you will find out more very soon. We wish you a great and beautiful 2019. Let's all keep an eye on our planet while photographing! Samuel Feron - Luis Belmar Letelier read more.

An Interview with Anne Mäenurm by Beata Moore

Anne Mäenurm is an amateur landscape and nature photographer based in the Northern Italy (North-East, Friuli-Venezia-Giulia). She was born and brought up in the Northern Estonia countryside. For her, photography is not just a hobby, it has become a way of balancing life. She prefers photographing the natural world – spending time outdoors makes her feel close to the roots of life. She is in constant search for those fleeting moments of magic that turn our world into something extraordinary. In her images she strives to reflect the atmosphere, feeling, and sheer wonderment that our natural world evokes within us. Some of her works have been published in various national and international magazines as National Geographic, Conde Nast Traveller, Asferico magazine 2013 n°46, Asferico magazine 2016 n°51, article “I luoghi del cuore”, Viaggio Dolomiti december 2016, cover, Digital Camera Magazine, Meridiani Montagne. She has won many prizes in international photographic competitions: Overall winner - Palmarès Concours 2018- Montier Festival Photo, highly commended Bio Photo Contest 2018, Asferico Photocontest, Photographer of the Year (POTY),Estonian Nature Photography of the Year. Anne is a member of AFNI since 2013 (Italian Association nature photographers) and contributing photographer at PHOTOFVG.IT since 2012. Website: http://annemaenurm.com read more.

Selection of December 2018: Toscany by Isabelle Bacher

Toscany by Isabelle Bacher

Terra Quantum has been enchanted with this picture of Isabelle Bacher taken in Italy. Beyond the composition which is perfectly mastered, we have loved the contrast between the curves and the straight lines of the trees, the roundness vs. the sharpness. The texture is not left behind either and the colour palette is just magical. read more.

Selection of November 2018: Iced Bubbles by Romain Tornay

Iced Bubbles by Romain Tornay

The nature sometimes offers intriguing pieces of arts as this one, perfectly taken by Romain. So well seen! read more.

Selection of October 2018: Stormy winds over the Torres del Paine by Peter Svoboda

Stormy winds over the Torres del Paine by Peter Svoboda

Sumptuous and surreal atmosphere for that selection of the Month. A perfect control of the shutter speed as well, so that the motion of the water greatly echoes the clouds. And this blue... is magic. read more.