Selection of March 2020: Gold and Ice by Nathalie Houdin

Gold and ice by Nathalie Houdin

Graphical lines, high sense of composition and unusual colour make this photo a piece of art. read more.

An Interview with Isabelle Bacher by Beata Moore

Mountain Olstind / Lofoten NORWAY by Isabelle Bacher

As an Austrian with Norwegian roots, Isabelle Bacher decided in 2013 to settle in Northern Norway (Arctic) for five years. Her profession as an architect enabled her to be geographically flexible and to live her passion the landscape photography. The immensity of the lonely fjords, the aesthetic glaciers, the majestic mountains and the breath-taking light of the Far North are the content of her works. It fascinates her to visualize the architecture and forms that nature created from the Ice Age to our time. Her photographs have been shown in exhibitions in Norway, Austria, France, Italy and the UK, as well as in international photography magazines. She is an award-winning photographer and currently finished the photography book “Im Norden”, which is on the market since October 2019. read more.

21 exceptional interviews by Beata Moore

Beata Moore, a professional photographer and author from England, has been interviewing photographers for Terra Quantum for more than 4 years. With 21 interviews as of today, she presented fantastic work of many talented photographers, as well as information what matters to them when working on photos, their thoughts about environment and what is photography for them. read more.

Selection of February 2020: Swapnil Deshpande

by Swapnil Deshpande

The main power of this photo lies in the mood: mystery and dreamy atmosphere are self sufficient to inspire contemplation and meditation. read more.

Selection of January 2020: Persistant by Peter Svoboda

Persistant by Peter Svoboda

An intimist and mysterious picture with a great framing work, that allows the eyes going towards the mountains. Superb capture! read more.