Selection of Avril 2019: Ocean by Romain Tornay

Ocean by Romain Tornay

I have been working for two years on a series of square and black-and-white photos illustrating the sea under the storm. In February 2019, winds over 100km / h swept south of Iceland. I went there for a rather restrictive morning photo session: it started with the snow and continued in the rain, while the wind was still extremely violent. It is difficult to protect your lens in the rain, with waves and in windy conditions. It is indeed necessary to wipe the lens after each shot. Patience and perseverance were nevertheless highly rewarded, as the sun tore through the clouds for a short moment, illuminating the spray. Soaked, hands numb, what a joy to have a moment of respite! In addition, the backlight then offered me the ideal conditions to get the high contrast image that I was looking for.

I used a zoom 100-400mm for this photo shoot, which is not my usual. A friend lent it to me and I appreciated it in these difficult conditions, as it was possible to change the focal length quickly. I then tried to get a maximum of close-ups on the waves.

After cropping in square format, I processed it as black and white in Lightroom. Finally, I accentuated the contrast to get the image I wanted.

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