Selection of March 2019: Not So Far Away by David Durst

Not so far away by David DURST

I was looking for some time a landscape in the land that could meet certain conditions : curves, a strong and isolated element, a beautiful surface of sky and then I found, not so far from home in Charente, this tree which filled all of them ... I went there several times but the cloudy conditions did not suit me completely (not enough clouds, not enough contrasts, too slow or too fast ...). And then, my patience was rewarded ! The fledgling wheat brought a foreground of sufficient interest, the clouds were a lot and very contrasting, sometimes with beautiful intertwining with the blue sky, and my little tree was beautiful and proud of its young foliage. Since then, I went back several times with some pictures to the key ... the beginning of a series ! 

I always photograph in RAW, the treatment of my photos in LR is therefore essential. This is also a step of I particularly appreciate with a sound background adapted ... To ensure that the images are born, live and give them my eyes, my interpretation of this' moment. The treatment of an image is for me, not a betrayal but rather a way to reinforce a sensation, to give my interpretation. I like landscape photography for three reasons at least. First of all because I like to walk, I like to be in touch with our beautiful and indispensable nature. Then because the long exposure, technique that I particularly love, allows me to put my SLR on its foot and wait for the right moment before triggering. Finally, because I enjoy the discovery clichés and the treatment of the image.

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