Selection of June 2019: White Walk by Szabo Zsolt Andras

White Walk by Szabo Zsolt Andras

The location is near the main road on a mountain pass. Absolutely no planning here, we were heading back home from a photo trip from Ciucas Mountains, spending there two days in deep fog without even a glimpse to a mountain. On our way back home we stopped spontaneously in the pass, agreeing to spend like 30-40 minutes. Daylight, still foggy, frosty, and fresh snowfall right there. Not much time to play. Front lens/filter constantly full of flakes or frost. Here were so good conditions that I've made some of my best photos in less than an hour.

This one I overexposed by camera metering mistake, did an other version which had motion blur, so the final image is an exposure and detail stacking from 2 nearly identical images. Otherwise not much processing on this one, only exposure, contrast and colour fine tuning.

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