Selection of October 2019: The 'Little Brother' by Heike Odermatt

The 'little brother' by Heike Odermatt

This fall is located in southern part of Iceland. It is a special one because you can walk behind the fall. It was a gray and rainy day, not nice to photograph from behind the waterfall and also the fall itself was not very nice at that moment. For that I had found more interest in his 'little brother': this small, inconspicuous waterfall that falls on some dark, mossy stones. Due to the wind, which blew the water then to the left and then to the right, I was able to deal with this motif for a while. This is one of the many pictures I’ve taken there.

I chose to photograph not the whole scenery but to go more into detail with a long tele lens. This gave a more mysterious effect to the image. Through due the long exposure time the water lights up as it were in the dark environment. Then I had to wait for the right fall of the water, because the wind was blowing the jet continuously in different directions. I had several options for framing when the water jet landed in the right place. My impatient nature comes up again and I often pointed the camera at a different detail because the water just didn't want to come to that one place, but as soon as I kept my focus on another place, it did happen. Finally after time it worked out the way I wanted and my (im)patience was rewarded.

I am not someone who spends a lot of time for post processing and keep it as simple as possible. By the correct exposure during shooting not much was needed with this image either. I am a nature photographer because I love being in nature and being inspired by nature. My images therefore also originate in nature and not during post processing. I compare it to studio photography: I once tried studio photography, but it soon became clear to me that I am not someone who composes my own ideas, by illuminating the whole thing exactly like that with lamps, tutorials and so on. My ideas may not reach far enough to make more out of my images with post processing. On the other hand, I try to keep the images as natural and realistic as possible during post processing, less is more for me, it’s more the image composition and the right light, which is important to me.

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