Selection of July 2019: Mist by Fernando Piçarra

Mist by Fernando Piçarra

This photograph has been taken in San Quirico d`Orcia on a cold April morning of 2018. I was in a company of two other dear photographer friends, with whom I was traveling during a week photographing in Tuscany. We had decided to go to photograph on that day the famous "Podere Belvedere" farm on the sunrise. When we arrived at the shooting place, the two trees that are the main subject in the foreground, were situated in the distance on the right in relation to the position of "Podere Belvedere" farm. They immediately caught my eyes.

The composition was almost intuitive even though I tried two or three slightly different compositions with those beautiful trees as main subject on the down right third; the first timid colour of the morning, the hills and the mountain in the background providing the layers. There is also a negative space, the sky, which allows the image to breathe. It was taken with a 100-400mm lens, which beautifully compresses the image helping to give a sense of depth.

Post processing is a part of the photographic work, I usually let the image guide me to a final result. There is an aesthetic and creative sense imposed by the image itself. Editing is always a very creative process. Sometimes I know what I want out of an image, so I have already a final image in my mind when I start it. Other times, the image comes out on its own through the post processing work. In this case, I cropped the photo a bit and used a smooth colour enhancement.

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