Arved Gintenreiter joins Terra Quantum's jury

We are pleased to announce that Arved Gintenreiter has accepted to join Terra Quantum’s Jury. Though being connected with photography since childhood, as a first career Arved Gintenreiter opted for studying business economics and taking three years of formal journalism training on top of that. After several years working as a reporter and editor for the German news agency dpa in Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Brussels, Vienna, and other hot spots, he decided it was time to follow his real passion:… read more.

Our photographic choice for this month "Final Destiny" from Pere Soler

Final Destiny by Pere Soler

After Volker Birke (“ Menindee ”) and Shenshen Dou (“ Latourell Falls ”), we have chosen to feature the photographer Pere Soler and his picture “ Final Destiny ”, an extraordinary aerial scene over Icelandic rivers. As Pere explains: “This is an aerial picture taken in the north of Iceland, over a delta of a river coming from the biggest central glacier. The idea was to search shapes, contrasts and impact with only a few elements. Aerial… read more.

The Strange Disappearance of Mister Pik (Part 1)

There once was Mister Pik who used to come to a wonderful place to take wonderful pictures. He was very happy with his pictures. It must be said that the place was indeed wonderful: a wonderful waterfall forming a wonderful river flowing on a wonderful mountain. What a magicspot! So, each morning, just before dawn, when all the inhabitants were still asleep, Mister Pik came to the place, chose a good spot and installed his tripod, waiting for the light to come. And after many hours and many clicks from his… read more.

Meredith Mullins joins Terra Quantum's Jury

We are very pleased to announce that Meredith Mullins joinsthe Jury of Terra Quantum. Just as Meredith Mullins calls two continents home (Paris, France and the Monterey Peninsula, California USA), she is also at home with several photographic genres. She appreciates the beauty of the planet not only through the strength of the land and power of nature but also through a connection to people and the things that bring us together (or tear us apart) as humans. She believes in digging beneath the surface to… read more.

How are the photographed countries mapped with the photographers of Terra Quantum ?

As of end of June, 36 photographers, having loaded pictures from 19 countries, were registered. These figures are growing each week. Some photographers have chosen to submit pictures revealing iconic parts of the world. Others have opted for maybe more «intimate» landscapes, not particularly representative of a specific area. All are beautiful images. America and Europe continents gather most of the images, especially the USA and Iceland. We are looking forward to seeing more pictures. The… read more.