Selection of February 2021: Rainbow Mist by Guillaume Bily

Rainbow mist by Guillaume Bily

On an autumn morning, in a small natural reserve located at the Arctic Circle in Sweden, I decided to cross the forest on foot to reach a vast peat bog two kilometers below. When I left, the sun was not up yet, the forest was calm and the silence penetrating. I like such atmosphere just before sunrise and it is often at this time of day, when nature wakes up, that I had the most beautiful animal encounters. I went into the forest without a very specific goal. On reaching the edge of the wood, I saw mist forming on a slope at the other end of the peat bog. The atmosphere was very strange, I never saw that before. It lasted only about ten minutes but during this time, the forms of the mist evolved very quickly, metamorphosing the landscape with each glance. When the sun rose, a rainbow came and coloured this lace of fog.

As each second passed, the shape of the mist was different; I took a lot of pictures during ten minutes. This image certainly shows the most spectacular instant of this short moment. 

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