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I am Peter, a photographer from Belgium. As a child I already felt the need to express some creativity. In my younger years I experimented with photography, animated film and sculpture, without really continuing. Only in 2012 did I really get started with photography. First with a broad interest, but soon I started moving more and more towards my direction.

I will look for the subjects in nature, mostly landscapes, but I am also interested in animals and plants. I particularly like dramatic images. Sometimes I also look for more graphic and abstract images. Sometimes in my photography I recognize style characteristics of my father's paintings, who have been active as a painter for years. For me it is all about just making the images where I feel something and that satisfy me.

My passion for photography and nature has already brought me to different places in the world, from Iceland in the north to lions and elephants in Africa.
Photography, nature and travel now go hand in hand. We use our photographic material with varying success. In often difficult circumstances we try to take photos. And yes, sometimes the efforts are rewarded by creating that image that gives me satisfaction.
I hope my work can fascinate you too!


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