An Interview with Raico Rosenberg by Beata Moore

Raico Rosenberg was born and raised in Tenerife. Exploring the natural environment of the island from an early age helped him to create a unique bond with the amazing landscapes of Tenerife. Raico images are technically excellent and artistically inspiring; they perfectly encapsulate his distinctive vision and profound connection to nature. He pushes the cameras limits with advanced techniques and keeps the post processing to the minimum. His exceptional skills have been noticed by international companies… read more.

Selection of April 2017: Northern lights in Norway by Isabelle Bacher

Northern lights in Norway by Isabelle Bacher

I live some driving hours away from Andenes and went there to take a shot of Bleikøya. I really hoped to get Northern Lights on the sky during the periode I was there. Bleik with the Bleikøya in Vesterålen is a district and archipelago in Nordland county, Norway. I wished to get a shot with the aurora over the top of Bleikøya. On the second night the Northern Lights danced over this island like in a dream. It was a beautiful clear fullmoon-night in january during the magical dark season with its beautiful… read more.

An Interview with Hengki Koentjoro by Beata Moore

Born in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia in 1963, Hengki Koentjoro is a Californian-educated fine art photographer. He graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography in 1991 majoring in Film/Video Production and minor in Black and White photography. He now lives in Jakarta and works as a videographer. Photography is his serious hobby. Hengki takes minimalistic photographs of the Southeast Asian landscapes. Some of his favourite locations are Java and Banten. He is driven by the desire to explore the… read more.

Selection of February 2017: Dragon by Julien Delaval

Dragon by Julien Delaval

Dragon by Julien Delaval The north of the Spanish coast is renowned for its impressive cliffs and very special rocks. One of them, the beach of Barrika is certainly, as for many, the most attractive of the coast. This picture was taken in December 2015, a 5-day trip from the south of France. Barrika was photographed hundreds or thousands of times by a significant number of photographers. My wish was to bring back at least one « good » image of this enigmatic place.… read more.

Selection of January 2017: Land of Ice by Pierre Besnard

Land of Ice by Pierre Besnard

Land of Ice by Pierre Besnard The snow has been falling for the past 3 days, covering the summits. The end is looming with a lull in the middle of this Sunday afternoon 16 th January. As this year begins, the conditions seem to be in place to hope to see the summits around Chamonix plastered by this snowstorm. I have been trying to be there at the right time for several years to immortalize those rare moments where the tops go white. This reveals new lines, of great… read more.