Selection of February 2018: Tobias Ryser

by Tobias Ryser

This image was taken in the Hirzel Region, southwest of Zurich in Switzerland. The region is known for its landscapes with wonderful hills and lots of trees on them. I had been photographing there a lot of times and had a special image in my mind with a fog wave rolling over the hills. 
After several unsuccessful tries I finally was able to capture this image in December 2016, when the conditions suited perfectly. During the night the mist was a bit higher but thanks to the cold conditions it built soft hoarfrost on the trees. During the morning blue hour the mist sank and rolled over the hills.

For the composition I chose a longer focal length of 150mm on a full frame camera. I stood on a bit a higher hill near by and waited that the mist had the perfect height. I chose a 8 seconds' exposure time to get a soft look.

For me, I keep the post production on a low level and always try to do as much as possible with the camera. My aim is to show how I saw the scene in a very natural way. So I always try to give to my images a natural look. The light and the conditions of the motif are everything. If they don’t suit on location, I don’t use my camera and try it later again.  

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