Selection of October 2016: Duetting by Alain Baumgarten

Duetting by Alain Baumgarten

Duetting by Alain Baumgarten Some subjects seem so familiar to us that we cannot resist… For several years, on almost a daily basis, I passed by that “cow tree”, isolated in a pastureland on a hill in my Lorraine countryside, without ever ignoring it, and each time telling myself: “ one day, I will take your picture”. I waited patiently… Read more read more.

An Interview with Theo Bosboom by Beata Moore

Theo Bosboom is a Dutch professional photographer with a great passion for nature. In 2003 he made his first pictures of landscapes and wildlife during a long trip to Namibia and Tanzania. In the years that followed, photography soon became more than a hobby and in 2013 Theo become a full time photographer. Theo’s main focus is on landscapes, verging on the abstract. He is regarded as a creative photographer with a strong eye for detail and composition. Theo’s photographs are regularly… read more.

Selection of September 2016: The Blue Land by Jean-Paul Soujol

The blue land by jean-paul Soujol

A dreamlike journey in the blue... The Blue Land by Jean Paul Soujol This photograph was taken in the Haute Provence Alps, on the… read more.

An Interview with Hans Strand by Beata Moore

An interview with Hans Strand by Beata Moore Hans Strand is a Swedish photographer specializing in aerial photography, spectacular vistas, as well as more intimate landscapes. He lives and works near Stockholm, Sweden. After a nine year career in mechanical engineering he decided to become a full time landscape photographer. Hans travels all over the world to capture his images; he is famed for his work on the wilderness of Iceland and Arctic Countries but also on rainforests and deserts. Hans has a strong… read more.

Selection of August 2016: Lines by Ales Komovec

Lines by Aleš Komovec

When the lines meet the colors... Lines by Ales Komovec I took this shot in Southern Moravia, where I went with a couple of friends in the beginning of May,when all the rape fields were a mixture of green and yellow. The main goal of the trip was to visitsome well known landscape spots and maybe find some new, undiscovered ones. We were returning from the morning shoot, when we spotted this location. The light at that time ofthe day was not good, so we decided to return in the evening. It was a totally… read more.