Selection of Mai 2018: Water Cycle by Kevin Meynier

Water cycle by Kevin Meynier

My travel to the Alps was about to end. I was thinking where to go and I eventually decided to head to Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval, a place praised by many as being surreal.

The first night ended, the sun begun to rise and the sky was very blue and cloudless – not an interesting atmosphere. The sky was flat and without any contrast, the landscape was dull and spongy, but I decided to wait...

As the time was going by, I started to think about moving to another place when a huge veil came out from the ground. Sunrays suddenly broke the thick sky, creating a magical scene, which will undoubtedly be my best memory of the stay! My camera was ready for shooting and looking around I quickly realized that the scene in front of my eyes was looking like a giant hourglass. I knew I don’t have too much time to capture this sort of huge hourglass, where the water replaces the sand and represents some kind of the cycle of the water; the clouds at the top flowing down alongside the waterfall and feeding the mist at the bottom. The scene was so perfect that composing the image was instinctive, without any doubts.

The post processing has been mainly done in Lightroom. This part of the work was done quickly as appropriate settings were chosen during the shooting. I have many presets created for every kind of landscapes; this form the basis of my post processing treatments. During the initial preparation I pay attention to the atmosphere that emerges from the image. I try to stay close to what I saw and to what I shot. Being rather particular about the details, I didn’t hesitate to work on the balance of the light on each part of the image, as well as its colorimetry to achieve the image which I had in mind during the shooting.

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