How are the photographed countries mapped with the photographers of Terra Quantum ?

As of end of June, 36 photographers, having loaded pictures from 19 countries, were registered. These figures are growing each week. Some photographers have chosen to submit pictures revealing iconic parts of the world. Others have opted for maybe more «intimate» landscapes, not particularly representative of a specific area. All are beautiful images. America and Europe continents gather most of the images, especially the USA and Iceland. We are looking forward to seeing more pictures. The… read more.

Terra Quantum has been launched!

We are pleased to announce the launch of Terra Quantum, the project that aims atgatheringthe most beautiful pictures of our world. For this occasion, we have chosen to highlight the photographer and artistTom Till. Beyond his sense of art and his photography's level,Tom wonderfully represents this precious quality of curiosity and effort in discovering the world and its incredible beauty, being concerned by its fragility. He has been travelling andphotographying for decades and many of the famous spots… read more.