Selection of October 2018: Stormy winds over the Torres del Paine by Peter Svoboda

Stormy winds over the Torres del Paine by Peter Svoboda

This picture was taken on my photography journey in Patagonia. This particular image was taken in Chile, Torres del Paine National Park. I was focusing on Patagonian skies during the photography journey as I wished to capture diferent forms of clouds at different light and weather conditions. This journey is a part of my project I am working on for a few years.

I was not very positive that late afternoon regarding taking some pictures because of the stormy weather. Despite this fact I got on the place at Lago Pehoe and was waiting in a shelter for more than hour. Wind, water coming from the sky as well as from the waves almost created a non shooting conditions and discouraged me to pick up my camera from my backpack. Winds over the lake and waves were so strong that I was thinking about the idea to take a few shots using a longer exposure time. I pre visualized the possible result and decided to go for it if possible. Suddenly, a hole in the clouds appeared and I realized to take what I intended. I was almost blessed to see the Cuernos Towers in the nice light despite the stormy conditions over them. I immediately started with taking pictures from my shelter behind the rock and I had to stand with my both feet on the tripod legs just to keep it on the ground. I set my ND grad filter to be able to set the longer exposure time. The first result was really nice, the painterly look of the motion blur in the foreground lake attracted me at first sight. So I kept continuing this way till I got the result you can see.

 I processed this image in the Lightroom as usually, some common adjustments, especially in the highlights, shaddows and contrast. There was not much to do as the vivid colors of the lake and the mountains lit up did the very best job for the result.   

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