This photo was made in February 2018 on the Snaefellsnes peninsula in Iceland. Initially, it was not planned to dedicate this day to macro photography. Bad weather prevented me from going to the summit of Sneafellsjökull on skis. From then on, a walk along the sea led me to some frozen water points, including a particularly rich in oxygen bubbles frozen in the ice. So I was able to continue the work of my project named Ice Design. Thanks to a good diffusion of light under a gray sky, it was easy to control the contrast of this photo. On the other hand, it was much more difficult to obtain a good depth of field respecting the details of the pathway of the bubbles. I needed four focus points from a single tripod perspective to get the maximum of details. And with a wind of 60 Km / h, I needed an hour lying on the ice to get the photography I wanted with a 100mm macro. [+]


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Excelent work !! Congrats !