Selection of November 2018: Iced Bubbles by Romain Tornay

Iced Bubbles by Romain Tornay

This photo was made in February 2018 on the Snaefellsnes peninsula in Iceland.

Initially, I did not plan to dedicate this day to macro photography, but due to the very bad weather that prevented me from going to the summit of Sneafellsjökull on skis, I had to change my first idea of landscape photography. From then on, a walk along the sea led me to some frozen water points, including a particularly rich in oxygen bubbles fixed in the ice. I was able to continue the work for my project named Ice Design.

Thanks to a good diffusion of light under a grey sky, it was easy to control the contrast of this photo. On the other hand, it was much more difficult to obtain a good depth of field for details of the pathway of the bubbles. I needed four focus points from a single tripod perspective to get the maximum of details. And with a wind of 60 km/h, I needed an hour lying on the ice to get the photography I wanted with a 100mm macro. I then desaturated and adjusted the contrast of the four images with Lightroom before superimposing them with Photoshop.   

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