As of end of 2018, more than 1.000 photos have been selected and published in Life and Territories, involving 354 photographers from all over the world. 55 countries are represented: that's great! 
It also means that 70% of the Earth is still to be discovered. That's even better!

Special congrats to these photographers who have succeeded in publishing an impressive number of high quality images:
Alex Noriega 
Szabo Zsolt Andras
Daniel Laan

Parquet by Alex Noriega, United States
Irresistible Force by Szabo Zsolt Andras, Romania
Thing in the Snow by Daniel Laan, Norway

and for the following photographers: Gheorghe Popa, Ovidiu Lazar, Cole Thompson, Andrew George, Ales Krivec, David Frutos Egea, Brian Clark

Congrats as well to these 12 photographers awarded in Photo of the Month category:
Sandra Herber (Arashiyama) - January 
Tobias Ryser - February
Weihao Pan (Above All Else) - March
Stefano Oppioni (Mont Civetta) - April 
Kevin Meynier (Water Cycle) - May
Heike Odermatt (Hallerbos) - June
Isabella Tabacchi (The Magic of the Night) - July
Daniel Laan (Wuthering Heights) - August
Johan van der Wielen (Mysterious Porcelain Mushroom) - September
Peter Svoboda (Stormy winds over the Torres del Paine) - October
Romain Tornay (Iced Bubbles) - November
Isabelle Bacher (Toscany) - December       

And for Life:
Daniel Van Tongerloo (Dark Shadows) - January
Larry Monczka (Sandhill Cranes Landing in Snowstorm) - February
Cyril Verron (Nightmare) - March
Nicole Barge (The King of the World) - April
Roberto Marchegiani (Elegance) - May
Thierry Barre (Weird Dark Thing) - June
Lucie Bressy (Feeling Blue) - July
Thierry Barre (Archange) - August
Andrew George (Guardian) - September
Preeti and Prashant Chacko (Tiger Noir) - October
Roberto Marchegiani (Gelada Baboons) - November
Marco Gargiulo (Elevation) - December

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