Game of Raw

A Terra Quantum Innovation At Terra Quantum we believe that photography is neither a simple and faithful representation of reality nor a total transformation of it. The interpretation may be sober or exuberant, simple or complex. But an individual creation has no limit because it comes from our own vision and personality. How better to show the talent of the photographers of Terra Quantum than to give them the opportunity to exercise their art on a rough image? This image will be the same for everyone.For… read more.

Selection of April 2016: Lu Monferrato by Dino Lupani

Lu Monferrato by Dino Lupani

A Graphical Emergence, a mystic vision by Dino Lupani Lu Monferrato by Dino Lupani In the small village of Lu Monferrato in Piemonte region, province of Alessandria, north-west of Italy. From the top of a hill I saw the fog to open the valley and discovered this icy landscape. I photographed with Canon Eos 40D, 200 mm focal length (Canon 70-200 F4L) with a Hoya circular polarizer and Cokin GND4 P series, from RAW development without any other postproduction,… read more.

Selection of March 2016: Autumn Symphony by Daniel Paravisini

Autumn Symphony by Daniel Paravisini

The Fusion of Gold, Silver and Copper Autumn Symphony by Daniel Paravisini Autumn is probably the season that I am really looking forward to. I go in the hautes Alpes each year like a pilgrimage. My intention is to capture the beautiful colors before the winter comes. It is important to be responsive as the winter may come sooner than expected. I decided to stay 3 days on the spot in order to increase the opportunity of having good conditions. I… read more.

The Selection February 2016 : Nature's Canvas by Francisco Mingorance

Nature's canvas by Jose Francisco Mingorance

The fusion of Art and Nature, An aerial view by Francisco Mingorance ‘‘Natural acidity and hundreds of years of mining have created this canvas - the famous ‘painted river’, the Rio Tinto, in Andalusia, Spain. Mineral ores (especially iron ore) oxidize when they come into contact with the air, staining the water and the land shades of red, orange and brown. Francisco has devoted more than 25 years to photographing the river, walking its length, diving in it, flying over… read more.

A view of "Graphical Winter Storm" of Zsolt Kiss, written by Beata Moore

" I found myself drawn to this image not because of its light, but its rather bleak but nevertheless fascinating mood. One glance and the photograph connected me immediately with the subject of a severe winter in a pristine location. The place is completely detached of human element increasing the feel of the severity of winter. The trees in the foreground, covered by snow and battered by freezing wind convey a feeling of dynamic tension. The choice of placement of all trees in the panoramic frame is… read more.