An Interview with Cole Thompson by Beata Moore

Cole Thompson is a photographer based in Colorado, USA. His early inspiration comes from photographs created by Adams, Weston and Bullocks. He started photography in 1968 working with SLR and medium format cameras and developing the images in the darkroom. Self thought and fascinated with classical black and white images, Cole converted to digital in 2004. He is best known for his long exposures. Not earning his living from photographic work allows him to follow his artistic vision without any compromises.… read more.

An Interview with Alexandre Deschaumes by Beata Moore

Alexandre Deschaumes is a French evocative landscape photographer. He is based in French Alps, between Chamonix, Annecy & Geneva. Alexandre’s interest in photography started in 2003; he is a self-taught photographer. His inspiration comes from the surrounding nature of Alps as well as many travels to wilder, faraway places. His photography is not only about great vistas but also about abstracts and nature details, he is however best known for his Alps extreme weather shots and atmospheric… read more.

Selection of May 2016: Winter Storm by Thibaut Guérin

Winter storm by Thibaut Guerin

A Touch of Cherry Winter Storm by Thibaut Guérin Passionate about mountains and living in a mountain chain with various landscapes, I went out during one of the first winter storms in 2015. This picture was taken in the Vallée de Chaudefour, located in a region called Auvergne, right in the centre of France. The weather conditions were not the best for taking photos - the snow was falling horizontally, so I had to clean the lens between each… read more.

Game of Raw

A Terra Quantum Innovation At Terra Quantum we believe that photography is neither a simple and faithful representation of reality nor a total transformation of it. The interpretation may be sober or exuberant, simple or complex. But an individual creation has no limit because it comes from our own vision and personality. How better to show the talent of the photographers of Terra Quantum than to give them the opportunity to exercise their art on a rough image? This image will be the same for everyone.For… read more.

Selection of April 2016: Lu Monferrato by Dino Lupani

Lu Monferrato by Dino Lupani

A Graphical Emergence, a mystic vision by Dino Lupani Lu Monferrato by Dino Lupani In the small village of Lu Monferrato in Piemonte region, province of Alessandria, north-west of Italy. From the top of a hill I saw the fog to open the valley and discovered this icy landscape. I photographed with Canon Eos 40D, 200 mm focal length (Canon 70-200 F4L) with a Hoya circular polarizer and Cokin GND4 P series, from RAW development without any other postproduction,… read more.