Selection of April 2017: Northern lights in Norway by Isabelle Bacher

Northern lights in Norway by Isabelle Bacher
I live some driving hours away from Andenes and went there to take a shot of Bleikøya. I really hoped to get Northern Lights on the sky during the periode I was there. Bleik with the Bleikøya in Vesterålen is a district and archipelago in Nordland county, Norway.
I wished to get a shot with the aurora over the top of Bleikøya. On the second night the Northern Lights danced over this island like in a dream. It was a beautiful clear fullmoon-night in january during the magical dark season with its beautiful light.
​I took several times before a similar picture on the same spot, the same perspective, composition, focal lenght ... just with different weatherconditions and at different seasons. Its a wonderful beach and a perfect spot to take sunset pictures.
I processed my picture in Lightroom.
I wished to get this shot for a series I make with monochrome pictures of my favorite mountains in Northern Norway. Bleikøya is one of them and especially a shot with Northern Light fits into this series. (
I am happy with the shot. Its absoloutly a place to come back again and again...during all seasons, but  at the moment I am pleased with the aurora over Bleikøya.

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