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Sometimes a simple portrait painted in oil or a navy that outlines a stormy sea moves us. Beyond technical mastery, what really captures our emotions is the contemplation of the essence of an instant, the feelings that a fixed gaze evokes or the uneasiness that the rough sea transmits.

I considered myself a passionate of natural landscapes; a photographer of nature in continuous search of the purest essence that nature gives us, a fact that I largely try to reflect in my vision of natural fragments.

In constant development of my photographic work, my images want to show an intimate vision of the landscape, an interpretation of nature, of moments of light that allow to elaborate an image in perfect harmony with the rest of the elements that come together at a precise moment.

Much of my passion for photography is based on the continuous process of learning and pursuit of personal evolution, which is enriched by the exchange of impressions with others who are also passionate about the Art of nature photography and which largely compensates for what is portrayed as a lonely occupation.


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