21 exceptional interviews by Beata Moore

Beata Moore, a professional photographer and author from England, has been interviewing photographers for Terra Quantum for more than 4 years. With 21 interviews as of today, she presented fantastic work of many talented photographers, as well as information what matters to them when working on photos, their thoughts about environment and what is photography for them.

Peter Svoboda 
Tom Hegen 
Anne Mäenurm 
Isabella Tabacchi 
Andrew George 
Patricia Davidson 
Hengki Koentjoro 
Theo Bosboom 
Dino Lupani 
Hans Strand 
Cole Thompson 
Heike Odermatt 
Chris Davis 
Daniel Laan 
Heiko Gerlicher 
Ales Komovec 
Mieke Boynton 
Alex Noriega 
Raico Rosenberg 
Charlotte Gibb 
Alexandre Deschaumes 

About Beata Moore 
"I am a professional photographer and writer based in Kingston-upon-Thames, UK. I specialise in landscape and architectural photography. I enjoy capturing and creating an eclectic mix of photographs and relish the freedom of expression that comes with it. 
Although my work is diverse, intimate landscapes and smaller details, often overlooked by many, take centre stage. I work mainly for publishing and fine art market. The goal for me has always been printed publication. Cooperating with various publishers has resulted in publishing seven of my books. 
I am currently in the final stages of working on my eight book “Photographing Surrey and Sussex”. It is a massive project covering the most interesting areas of both counties: The Surrey Hills, The South Downs, The Weald and Sussex Coast. 
In my spare time, I regularly curate exhibitions, advice photography students and sit on judging panels, the latest one being the Landscape Photographer of the Year."

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