This isn‘t Everest or any 8000M peaks!Mt.Chuporism(6359M), which located in one of the most remote areas of Tibet. You probably cannot find any images of this peak from the internet. That’s how remote this place is! The valley you see here is around 4300M elevation. You can find huge glacier, waterfall, fall color here. I was extremely lucky this morning and watching this low fog rolling in. The southeast part of Tibet is the wettest part of Tibet, so there’s always some moisture hanging around in this region. I really like the atmosphere here! [+]


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Dec 07, 2018
Fantastic, Weihao. Good to have you here. I've been following you for a long time for exactly the striking images like this and it's good to see your images in all their quality on here. Welcome.

What a shot. I think the cherry in top is the veil of clouds surrounding the sunlit summit, but then also the low-hanging clouds partially obscuring the river below. It gives it a huge amount of depth. Hats off to you.

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