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Born in 1982, in the North of France, he grow up in an environment of campaign and beautiful nature. Any young already he takes him of passion for the butterflies, these flying beauties which fascinate him by their grace and their lightness. Then the time of the studies and another passion, the guitar, get the upper hand.. It is only at about his 27 years during holidays in French Alp which the passion and the desire to hunt peacefully the butterflies come back to me. I decide then to photograph them but also to study them more in depth, to identify them, to know their life.

At the beginning, his pictures had a very naturalistic vision of the thing, but since 2013 a more artistic evolution takes place. The photography becomes a real obsession, he look at things differently to compose, look for the atmosphere, and for the magic of moment.

Lover of mountains, nature lover, these small fragile beings brought him gradually to interest in the animal photography in general. Through his photography and the moments of life which he propose you, he hope to be the witness of the diversity of the beauty of the flora and fauna, fragile and so much threatened nowadays.

Besides Thomas is often published in magazines and his photos are awarded in various national or international competitions.


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