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Asturias (1978) Higher Technician in Computer Science and Telecommunications.

In my work I make use of color to suggest and move. I try to add contrast to my photographs through color temperatures, the changes of state that continually occur in nature or by generating contrast through technique; interacting with the camera.

In my work, the natural scenes are manifested as a whole or as one of its parts, that is, in its maximum amplitude or in the small details.

In the most open landscape I always look for the emotionality of color and atmospheres both on the coast, in the mountains or in the forest. All this requires an extra effort to face the locations at their best time and in the most optimal moments of light.

In my work the symbolic nuance is usually the protagonist. I am passionate about fragmenting the landscape in search of more intimate visions. I have a special predilection for textures and visual rhythms.

Although I haven't been participating in contests and contests for a long time, these are some of the awards received:

Primer premio Concurso Nacional en el Centenar del Parque Nacional de los Picos de Europa / 2019

Nature Best´s Photography Awards "Highly honored" Category Art in Nature / 2020

Biophoto contest "Highly commended" in Compositions category / 2021

Primer premio "Sostenibiidad" Banca March con mi fotografia Flujo Floral. / 2021

Nature Namur Photo Contest 2021 Finalist in Flora with exhibition / 2021

Asferico Photo Contest "Highly commended" for the "Landscape" category, / 2022

Memorial Maria Luisa 32 "Mención de Honor" en Mundo Vegetal. / 2022

Memorial Maria Luisa 32 "Mención de Honor" en Hombre y Montaña - Naturaleza / 2022.


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