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Wildlife Photography is my second career, having worked in the City Of London and Tokyo financial districts. After working ias a money broker for 15 years I needed a balance in my life. So the Life of a Wildlife Photographer became my yang!

In 2001, Africa became the new chapter in my life. The sheer size and magnitude of the African continent was overwhelming. I traveled the forests of Bwindi to the peaks of Kilimanjaro and Mt Kenya, to the shores of Lake Malawi and the red Desert Landscape of the Kalahari.

Wildlife photography has become more than a passion, it has become my life. A life I am very proud of and one that I wish to share with everyone. I am proud Father of a baby boy Neo Devlin, Neo means “Gift” in Sotho a name chosen by Nicolinah my partner, who is a proud South African. Like all parents we worry about the future for our son. With the ever dwindling Wilderness habitats and rate of extinction of our flora and fauna. There is a reality that Neo will ever only witness our wonderful planet through Wildlife Photographs.

When possible, I will spend weeks with African Wildlife looking for that unique Fine Art photograph to showcase the rich variety of African Wildlife and the beautiful African Landscape that Africa has to offer.

I have dedicated the last eight years to my craft of a Wildlife Photographer and have been rewarded with publications such as National Geographic,
Deutsche GEO and others. I have been fortunate to have won numerous awards for African Wildlife Photography, including the prestigious BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 2011, 2013.


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