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I am passionate about landscape photography. I love being outside surrounded by the beauty of the world we live in. It never ceases to amaze me, as I watch the storm clouds blow in over the coast, listen to the waves crashing against the rocky shores or watch sunlight stream through trees on a foggy morning, how blessed and lucky we are to have such beauty on our doorsteps.

Landscape photography started as a form of therapy for me, as I struggled to cope with the pressure and stress of my previous job as Picture Editor of The Times. Looking at nearly 20,000 images everyday and the associated responsibilities left me suffering with stress, depression, insomnia and anxiety. Through my photography, I was able to express myself where words failed me. The result is that my emotions are plainly visible in every photograph I take, some are calm, almost meditative and others filled with emotions.

Of all the images I create, long exposures are my favourite. Leaving the shutter open for 5 - 45 minutes to allow the light and elements to move gives an ethereal quality that has a painterly feel to the images.

I don't rely on Photoshop trickery or digital editing to create my images; they are all made in camera with only minimal adjustments - colour balance, exposure and contrast. If I have to spend more than five minutes sitting behind my computer editing, I get bored. I'd rather be creating images in the fresh air than hunched over my Mac.

My work is heavily influenced by art. I draw inspiration from artists such as Turner, Constable, Monet and more modern painters like Mark Rothko and Maria Luisa Hernandez. Like many of these artists, I keep a sketchbook to hand and usually draw the scene around me, making notes of my emotions, sounds, smells and feelings, as I make the exposure. This is very valuable to me, as it enables to me reflect on what I was trying to say, when I originally took the photograph.

Recently my work has been recognised by Fujifilm, who inaugurated me into their exclusive X Series photographers . In addition to this honour I have been awarded Gold medals by the SWPP for my fine art and black and white images.


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