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I am a professional photographer based in Kenmare which is a beautiful small town in the South West of Ireland. In 1992 I was inspired by the surrounding landscape which I had just relocated to, to borrow a camera and take my first hikes into the mountains and embrace photography as a means of exploring my love for the rugged and wild scenery all around me.

Having initially self taught myself, I went on to study photography in Dublin and then to work for an editorial agency managing the picture desk and commercial departments but not as a photographer.

This it turns out gave me the space, time and necessary funds to continue to pursue my landscape work, develop my portfolio and pay for some of the fantastic trips to every continent on the planet to make images.

In 2002 I returned to south west of Ireland to settle down and focus more on photographing the landscape that I knew best. I hit upon the idea of publishing my first book which was going to be the first photographic book on Ireland's premier national park in Killarney. It would be another 3 years before I began shooting specifically for PARKLIGHT, and another 3 before it hit the shelves.

The book was a great success , having self published it myself without any other funding, it quickly went on to sell out after only a number of months. Using the book as the necessary platform, I attended various art shows and soon realised the potential for my own work in my own gallery. This was always the dream.. and this year I opened the doors and haven't looked back.

My work is evolving and I have some great plans for getting even more out of the relatively small area I tend to concentrate on in Kerry and West Cork. Next year will see the publication of my second book, concentrating solely on the landscape of Kerry.


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