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Nicolas Orillard-Demaire is a French professional photographer born in 1982. He came to photography after leaving the sports field and working in the luxury hotel business. Multiple travels around the world (USA, Canada, Peru, Australia, Japan, central Europe, Galápagos Islands - Ecuador, Chile, Kenya…) and a good practice in the field will generate a true passion and lifestyle for him.
Photography will quickly get the upper hand, giving him the chance to enjoy his passion for travels and Nordic countries… Scotland, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden but also New Zealand gradually take place in his portfolio. Many exhibitions in France and Europe allow him to pass his passion on to the greatest number.
His work is an invitation to travel and discover Nature, poetry often accompanying his pictorial world.
Through his personal vision of landscapes, this insatiable traveller invites us to think about the protection and respect of the untouched wilderness.
In 2016, he was awarded the title of wildlife and landscape photographer of the year by the APPPF, in 2017 for the landscape photographer of the year by the APPPF, highlighting the work of his young professional photographic career.

“I have discovered the power of loneliness, of untouched lands and nature’s intimacy. When observing the world and its beauties, one is deeply moved by a true feeling of freedom which reaches the soul.
Here and elsewhere, this is where I belong, always chasing light, atmospheres and magic. The travels and photographs resulting from this quest are the reflection of my personal vision, which has always guided me. Beyond words, a desire to share the wonders that surround us, a visual therapy, a never ending quest of captured moments.
Photographs are here to remind me every day of how close I am to Nature, of all these moments of happiness, during which the thrill takes me to another world… “


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