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"When I'm not enamored in digital media you'll find me out exploring the beautiful world with camera in hand! I'm passionate, driven, and extremely motivated."

Matt Anderson is a commercial photographer, graphic designer, digital artist, trainer, digital asset workflow specialist, and consultant from the Midwest. Capture-creation to distribution, print to web, and everything in-between.
"Photography, for me, is a mixed bag of juxtaposing ideals and intent. My photographic imagery is a study and exploration, more so an experience into creative pursuits that provide unending joy, passion, and healing. Traveling, meeting & listening to people, experiencing new locations and cultures. Enlightenment through adventure, and discernment by re-evaluating possible jejune prejudice of how I thought the “world” “is” or exists. Experience happens to be the best mentor for me. What do I attempt to communicate with my photography ? I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t partially motivated by impressionable validation. Additionally, while the capture stage is “experiencing & humble learning” based, post processing (development) is incessantly deliberate in intention and temper. Again, the final creation will never have a tangible and regimented recipe; a juxtaposed outcome based on memory, mood, emotion, intention, and predilection."

"My passion is showing our beautiful world through the camera lens, and presented in the amazing fine art prints we as artists have access to create. I've spent nearly 20 years learning and refining my skills in photography and in fine art printing."


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