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I'm a professional landscape photographer, and a writer of things about photography, based in central Italy.
I love timeless, romantic, evanescent, atmospheric, emotional, evocative and intimate photographs; I shrink from situations too "spectacular", that often leading to the creation of photographs (so prevalent on the Internet today) whose strength lies all in the representation (more or less standardized) of breathtaking location. In addition to the normal printing techniques now standardized (c-prints and inkjet), also I use the Cyanotype printing, an ancient technique that, thanks to the possibility of manipulation, fits my needs perfectly.

With regard to content, I consider myself a photographer who specializes in that area I would call, "Nature & Heritage": landscapes, flowers and plants, streams and waterfalls, in connection with historical elements such as Etruscan tombs, ruins of castles and mills, drywall and various testimonies of human activity. Obviously, not every photo that I realize contains these elements, but the set of pictures related to a project (since I work almost exclusively on projects) born from the union of nature and human evidences of the past. In this, I refer to the great travelers of the past, those who followed the Grand Tour in Italy, and that found in this mixture of natural landscapes and architectural and archaeological sites, the symbol itself of the beauty of our country. I like to imagine myself as a traveler of that times: this also explains my passion for all that, especially in the field of photography, is "vintage" or has a taste of the past. All without any unnecessary melancholy, of course ...


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