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After photographing exclusively for a diving magazine, Takasago establishes Takasago Photography Office in 1989. With the entire globe as his work field, he shoots his way around the world capturing moments in nature from underwater to aerial, photographing wildlife, landscapes, natural phenomena and stars.

Takasago has authored more than 30 publications and his work has been widely exhibited in Japan. He has collaborated with Nikon, Fujifilm, Epson, Olympus, and Konica Minolta to name a few, and serves as the Deputy Representative Director at the Oceanic Wildlife Society - a non-profit organization for marine research and conservation.

Takasago makes appearances on TV shows, radio programs, magazines and talk events, where he continues to communicate his thoughts on nature and the relationship between nature and humans.

He received the Natural Artistry Award at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2022 hosted by the Natural History Museum London.


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