Jose Manuel Grandío

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Spanish wildlife photographer for fifteen years specialised in birds. He has also worked in several studies on the migration of birds that have been published in magazines such as Ardeola (SEO / BIRDLIFE).

Although he prefers to work near his home to dedicate more time with his projects, he often travels to other regions of Spain, France, Scotland, England, Norway or Iceland.

His work tries to tell small histories about wildlife, always with special care not to alter their behavior and being respectful with the environment where they live.

Jose’s photos received several International Photography awards such as: International Wildbird Photographer Awards, WildLife Photographer Of The Year and Bird Photographer Of The Year (England); Asferico (Italy); Fotocam, FotoAves, MontPhoto and FotoFio (Spain); Montier-en-Der and Festival de L’Oiseau (France); Glanzlichter (Germany) and Nature's Best (USA).

Currently member of the Spanish Association of Nature Photographers (AEFONA) and the Spanish Ornithological Society (SEO / BIRDLIFE).


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