This photo was taken in the Willamette Valley near Oregon City. This area is surrounded by three rivers and mountain range with the view of vineyards on the hill and Mt. Hood in the distance. Willamette Valley has been described as similar to the region of Mediterranean with warm and dry summer but cooler and wetter winters. It is a perfect climate for producing the famous Oregon wine, pinot noir. During the the spring and fall, fog frequently rises above the rivers and gradually fills the hill around sunrise period. If the fog is not too dense or too high to block the sun, the valley will be filled with fog with soft light as shown in this photo. [+]


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Jul 26, 2015
It is very interesting to see how all these elements are perfectly "positionned": the horse, the trees, the vine, the little hut, the fog, the moutain behind... Each of these details is nice to see and they perfectly go together, like a miniature world. Beautiful and captivating.