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Hans Strand was born in 1955 in Marmaverken, Sweden. After a nine year career in mechanical engineering he decided to make a dramatic change to devote his life to landscape photography. Which had been his long held hobby and great passion. It is a change he has never regreted. Hans has always felt himself drawn to the untamed and unmanipulated that he finds in Nature. As Hans use to say “ The wilderness is the mother of all living things. It is always true and never trivial”. Over the years Strand has had the entire world as his workplace. Photographing everything from the vast expances of the Arctic, to steaming rainforests and dry deserts. His work has been displayed in numerous exhibitions and published in many international photography magazines. He has also received several awards for his photography. Among the most important ones is Hasselblad Master Award in 2008. He has published 5 books with landscape photographs. The latest one is ICELAND Above & Below.

He lives in Hägersten, a southern suburb of Stockholm, Sweden, with his wife Carina and his daughter Johanna. Apart from photography he has a great passion for classical music and is a lover of Burgundy wines.


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