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I am a self-taught photographer, always willing to reveal and express the magnificence of our wonderful planet.

At the age of 18, my father offered me a camera, and thus enabled me to take my first pictures. Since then the passion of photography rose with time up to a point that now it is a real need to be in nature trying to capture these precious moments of bliss.

For me photography is a mean to express my interpretation of the nature around me. My goal is to highlight ephemeral moments of the beauty that surround us and try to convey my emotional feeling to the viewer.
I enjoy photographing landscape sceneries at various times of the year. My choice of subject comes from my interest in minimalism or in the quest of the details by providing expressive and powerful compositions in black and white or color.
I am inspired to capture the ever-changing light, the contrast of bright and dark tones, the movement of the time by using long exposures.
My specialty is landscape and nature photography, with a focus on Switzerland, Europe and USA.

My images have been exhibited in numerous places and some of my photographs have won honors in photo contests around the world.


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