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Born in Casale Monferrato, a little town in North West Italy, where I live and work as a lawyer, owns a law firm. Always sensitive to all the spectacular nature, even the most ordinary, began photographing as a self-taught, passionate nature photography and landscape, played by a constant personal research composition and distinctive light. For some years the rest also very fascinated by the technique of "daytime long exposures, particularly those of very good French authors. The portfolio "Long Exposures" is a small sample of how, with this technique, I interpret the skies and the landscapes of my area, in particular the Monferrato hills to the rice fields. Another genre that I'm passionate about photography is extreme weather, especially storms and related events. This kind of photography is related to the interest for science-weather climate and its study as a precondition for practicing this kind in conditions of reasonable safety. For almost all my shots using polarizing filters, Neutral Density and Graduated ND, in versions stacked together and very thorough. The special effects resulting thus obtained are always recovering. Therefore, the post production is limited to ordinary development RAW (digital negative) as well as the possible conversion into black and white, and never intended to change the reality.


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