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After a long reflection, I think that what I like most in this difficult discipline that is the animal photography is hunting.

Organize the expedition, walk, bivouac, stalk its prey, spot it without being seen, after hours of waiting, aim, set the aim and finally, shoot its target. The only difference with real hunting, and it is of size, is that with me, the animal is still alive after my departure, which must be as discreet as possible. True, I am a hunter, a peaceful and ethical hunter, but a hunter anyway.

I think that if I was born long ago in a Native American tribe, I would have been a formidable hunter, for I can wait hours for the animal that will eventually appear and during those hours of waiting, then that anyone would be bored to death, I observe the spectacle of nature. I become the air, the sun or the wind, in these intense moments, I become nature.


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