Dear Jurist, This is a revision of an image that I had submitted once before that was rejected. It is not a Montage. I repeat it IS NOT a montage. It was not rejected because of that fact as far as I know. Here is the story behind this image: Bonneville Salt Flats near West Wendover, Nevada USA. I had been traveling on I 80W from Vernal Utah for about 3 ½ hours. Vernal is at the extreme east end of the state of Utah. I needed a rest stop badly when I came upon this scene, which is at the extreme west end of the state. Then I also desperately wanted to not only find a rest stop, but to get off the highway to get this shot. Luck was there as near Salduro, Utah there was a rest stop, a perfect place for this image. It had rained a few days earlier, which gave a perfect reflection for the mountain and cloud. Usually it is a bone dry lake. [+]


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