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I am a pro landscape photographer, geoscientist and avid adventurer from Hamburg, Germany.

I photograph pristine landscapes and nighttime starscapes because I love to capture and share these intimate moments of nature's beauty. With my geoscientific background, I blend them with the majestic stories written in the ancient rocks that lie at our feet. My artworks are an amalgamation of reviving our collective awareness for how precious and unique our home planet is.

I continuously push my camera equipment beyond its technical limits to capture images in ways unseen before. I photograph multi-row multi-image panoramas and use my mobile star-tracking device to convey the sheer vastness of the landscapes and the arc of the Milky Way twinkling above a nighttime landscape. This continuous learning process yields ultra-high resolution images that allow for printing in highest gallery quality with no image noise or loss in sharpness. My star-tracking device prevents star trailing and allows photographing myriads of pointy stars with six-minute exposures. A Milky Way arc landscape panorama takes about seven hours to shoot.

In my shooting process, I meticulously plan my images, explore the remote wilderness for locations and plan image composition. Patiently waiting for this fleeting moment of magical light requires dedication and frequent revisits to the location. Some of my images fell into existence only after five years of continuous failed attempts. The moment when finally all conditions align for that perfect display of light, I become so overwhelmed with emotions and feel so deeply connected with Earth’s spirit that I do not even realize how the images fall into existence. It just happens as if it would happen through me.

I hope that this extra dimension radiates from my images. These photographs are my love poem to our planet and I want them to evoke the bliss of that moment.
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