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I am passionate about landscape photography; I live in my native land, Calabria, a marvelous place with an almost wild taste, which unites sea, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, forests and hilly landscapes.
I approached photography in early 2011, with the purchase of my first digital SLR, purchased almost by whim. My passion for landscape photography began with the admiration of some great photographers, including David Noton, Joe Cornish, David Ward.
Mainly I love photographing the mountain landscapes of my land, being in contact with nature, breathing the smell of rain. Someone defines me the photographer of the woods, and there is a fund of truth; I find my greatest inspiration in photographing the heart of the forests of the great Calabrian parks, proving an enormous sense of creative freedom.
In 2019, thanks to the collaboration with the Photofuture distributor, I became an ambassador for the Calabrian territory of the Leofoto brand
I use a mirrorless camera, wide-angle and telephoto lenses, GND filters, polarisers and tripods. Postproduce the images mainly with Capture One and Photoshop. I never add non-existent situations and elements, during shooting, to my images.
I have collaborated and collaborated with Italian and foreign magazines, including Cairo Editore (Mondadori), Onlandscape and League of Landscape Photographers.


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